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California's Leading Precision CNC Shop


When it comes to machining, you cannot afford to settle for second best. We have the technology and equipment along with the expertise and quality control, to provide you with nothing less than the best.  Our personalized services have earned American Made a reputation as a preferred vendor by our customers since 1994.


American Made has a successful history of manufacturing precision machined custom components, hardware and devices for aerospace electronics, nautical and simulation related industries. Many of our customers have contracts with the federal government, DOD and DOE.  We are accustomed to serving under the requirements of ITAR compliance and proprietary licenses.


Commitments to the trust and integrity our customers rely on are among our highest priorities. Belief in mutual loyalty and the reliance on close communication for delivery of  products, support and quality control is where American Made has a proven record of success. 


Here is a list of just a few of the product categories successfully supported at American Made:

  • Aerospace parts or components

  • Electronic components

  • Drone parts or components

  • Automotive  parts and components

  • Mechanical parts and components

  • Laser Industry components

  • Optical instrument components

  • Industrial camera components

  • Robotic parts and components

  • Medical device parts and components

  • Medical Instrument manufacturing

  • Marine Electronic Systems components

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Device hardware and components

  • Close Tolerance & Small Part Machining

  • Multi-Axis Milling and Turning

  • Machining Center Production

  • CAD Design Assistance and Consultation

  • Engineering

  • Prototypes to Production Manufacturing

  • Small Component Part Inserts and Assembly

From conceptual design to final product

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